La Blues De Port Arthur by Leo Soileu's Rhythm Boys

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Lyrics of the song.

Cajun French English

Tu m’as dit hier au soir
Que tu pouvais plus m’aimer
Oh ça, ça me fait du mal

Tous les jours et tous les semaines
Mais on peut pas danser ou rencontrer
Oh ça, ça me fait du mal

You told me last night
You could love me
Oh, it hurts me

Every day and every week
We can't go dancing or even meet up
Oh, it hurts me

Leo Soileau's Rhythm BoysEdit

Leo Soileau recorded the song in 1937 for Decca (17058) as the A side.  

  • Leo Soileau on vocals and fiddle
  • possibly Johnny Baker on guitar
  • possibly Buel Hoffpauir on guitar
  • possibly Tony Gonzales on drums

Harry ChoatesEdit

Harry Choates recorded the song in February 19, 1947 for Quinn Recording. They had them pressed under the "Modern" label (1326) as the A side.   It is entitled "Cajun Hop (Les Blues Du Port Arthur)

  • Esmond Pursley on guitar
  • Joe Manuel on vocals and banjo
  • Pee Wee Lyons on steel guitar
  • B.D.Williams on bass
  • Curzy Roy on drums
  • Johnnie Manuel on piano